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Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service provided by Andersen Library to help students, staff and faculty to obtain materials (loans or articles) not owned by us, or another library in the University of Wisconsin system. Materials are generally received within 2-4 days for articles and 5-7 days for loans (returnables).

Books, CDs and videos that are owned by another UW Library should be requested through Universal Borrowing. This is a free service and in most cases the item(s) will be received with 2-3 days.

Faculty and Graduate Students may also request to have articles owned by Andersen Library sent directly to their computers. This Document Delivery service costs $1 per article and takes approximately 1-2 days.


Interlibrary Loan requests are made through ILLiad. This is different from Universal Borrowing and must be logged into separately. Books, videos, CDs, and articles can usually be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. Most books, CDs and videos are received within 5-7 weekdays and most journal articles are delivered electronically within 2-4 weekdays. Please keep in mind that Andersen Library is asking another library to send the materials to us for you. ILL staff will make every effort to get your materials as quickly as possible; however, we can not control how quickly another library will respond, if they will lend the item or when the item will be due. These are all determined by the lending library.

Placing a Request

The ILLiad Interlibrary Loan system is separate from other library resources. To place or view a request, you must log in by entering you Net-ID and password. Once you have logged in you can select either "Request a Book" or "Request an Article". Please provide as complete and accurate information as possible before clicking "Submit Request".

Before placing a request please check Universal Borrowing to confirm that the item is not available from another UW library. Universal Borrowing is a free and, generally, faster service.

You can use ILLiad if you are in one of the library's databases and would like to request an article that is not available in full text. Click the purple Find It button, then click "Request item via ILLiad" from the list of options for obtaining the article. The article information will automatically be filled in on the ILLiad request and all you need to do is click "Submit Request". Please be sure, however, that a print version of the article is not owned by the Library. Any requests by undergraduate students submitted for items owned by the library will be canceled. Requests submitted by faculty, staff or graduate students for items owned by the library will be automatically processed using our Document Delivery service and a $1 fee (per article) will be charged.

You can track the progress of your requests by accessing your ILLiad account.

Receiving Your Materials

An email will be sent to your UW-Whitewater email account when your materials have been received. Please check this account regularly or forward your email to another account (students can not forward their email) as received articles are only kept "live" for 28 days and are then deleted. Renewal requests must also be placed through your ILLiad account. To do this, click "View/Renew Checked Out Items" but please remember that the lending library determines whether or not an item can be renewed.

Requested articles will be sent to you electronically and you will receive an email notification when your article has become available. To view or download these materials simply log into your ILLiad account and click "View/ Download Electronically Received Articles". Please remember that articles are only available for 28 days after which they will expire and you will not be able to access them. All articles will be sent in PDF format.


For students there is a $1.00 fee per filled ILLiad request. Charges will be added to your library account upon receiving the requested material. The library regularly transfers outstanding library accounts to Student Billing. Overdue fines are assessed for items returned late. Please refer to the Fines & Fees page for more information.

There is no charge for faculty or staff to request materials via ILLiad, unless it is an article owned the library. As stated above these requests are automatically processed using our Document Delivery service.

The friendly ILL staff

Document Delivery

Document Delivery is a service that allows faculty, staff and graduate students to have journal articles owned by UW-Whitewater sent to them electronically. Undergraduate students may not place Document Delivery requests.

Patrons can request a Document Delivery article via the request form in ILLiad. You will need to enter your NetID and password to log into ILLiad. Articles will be scanned and you will be emailed when your article is available for download. All emails will be sent to your official UW-Whitewater email account. Please check this account regularly or have it forward to your current email account. It generally takes 1- 2 business days to process Document Delivery requests.

There is a $1.00 fee per filled request for all patrons. For graduate students, charges will be added to your library account upon the of processing your request. The library regularly transfers outstanding student library accounts to Student Billing. For faculty and staff, Document Delivery charges are sent to their department via Peachtree.

Special Note for Distance Education Students

Students who are enrolled in UW-Whitewater courses and who don't come to campus for those courses are considered Distance Education (DE) students. Document Delivery service is available to DE students. Document Delivery means that when an item is found in the UWW catalog a DE student can request that the item be sent to the student's home address. The item will be mailed for no charge but the student is responsible for the return postage. The student is also responsible for getting the item back to the library within a specified amount of time.

Articles in journals which are held in the UWW library will be scanned and emailed to your university email address for a $1.00 fee. The charge will be added to your student bill. Use the ILLiad form to request document delivery and be sure to indicate that you are a Distance Education student in the "notes" field of the request. If you don't use your UWW email account as your main email access it will be important for you to check your UWW email account regularly.

Students who live within a 30 mile radius of the UWW campus are expected to come into the library to pick up materials. A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater ID card gives borrowing privileges at other UW System campuses. Students are urged to use facilities closer to their homes, if available, to expedite the process.

Please note that all Interlibrary and Document Delivery correspondence will be sent to your official UW-Whitewater email address.

If you have any questions regarding Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery please contact the Interlibrary Loan office at 262-472-5524 (libill@uww.edu) or Michael Johnson 262-472-1022 (johnsonm@uww.edu).


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