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Staff Directory

Andersen Library | UW - Whitewater | P. O. Box 900 | Whitewater, WI 53190
FAX: 262-472-5727
Area Code: 262


Department NamePhoneE-Mail Address
Acquisitions 262-472-1015 libacq@uww.edu
Archives, Area Research Center (ARC) and Special Collections 262-472-5520 archives@uww.edu
Cataloging 262-472-5517 brusewim@uww.edu
Circulation 262-472-5511 circdesk@uww.edu
Course Reserves 262-472-5511 reserve@uww.edu
Government Information 262-472-1032 refdesk@uww.edu
Interlibrary Loan 262-472-5524 libill@uww.edu
Library Instruction 262-472-1032 refdesk@uww.edu
Library Systems & Automation 262-472-5673 fragolap@uww.edu
Overdue Fines/ Lost Items 262-472-5511 circdesk@uww.edu
Periodicals 262-472-5512 serials@uww.edu
Reference Desk 262-472-1032 Ask a Librarian
UW System Borrowing 262-472-5511 circdesk@uww.edu

Staff Members

NameService UnitPhoneE-Mail Address
Bolan, Lindsay Systems & Automation: Equipment 262-472-5575 bolanLE16@uww.edu
Braman, Katherine Ref. & Instruction: Ref. & Gov't. Doc. Asst. 262-472-4671 davisk@uww.edu
Bren, Barbara Head of Ref. & Instruction (incl. Gov't. Doc.) 262-472-5521 brenb@uww.edu
Brusewitz, Mary Tech. Services: Cataloging 262-472-5517 brusewim@uww.edu
Castrillo, James Ref. & Instruction Librarian 262-472-5522 castrilj@uww.edu
Czaikowski, Emily Tech.Services: Periodicals 262-472-5512 czaikowe@uww.edu
Elam, Beth Access Services: Student Supervisor; Reserves 262-472-1021 elame@uww.edu
Elsen, Carol Ref. & Instruction Librarian; Collection Manager 262-472-5751 elsenc@uww.edu
Ford, Theresa Access Services: Interlibrary Loan 262-472-5524 fordt@uww.edu
Fragola, Patricia Head of Systems & Automation, Interim Head of Tech. Services 262-472-5673 fragolap@uww.edu
Goldsmith, Deronica Special Collections: Archives Asst. 262-472-5528 goldsmid@uww.edu
Kimball, Anne Library Office Support 262-472-5518 kimballa@uww.edu
Klemp, Charlene Tech. Services: Acquisitions 262-472-1015 klempc@uww.edu
Kramer, Andy Head of Access Services 262-472-1022 kramera@uww.edu
Latorraca, Ellen Ref. & Instruction Librarian 262-472-5525 latorrae@uww.edu
Martin, Sarell Access Services: PR & Outreach Coordinator 262-472-7164 MartinSD27@uww.edu
McCready, Branden Systems & Automation: Systems Assistant 262-472-7167 mccreadb@uww.edu
Motszko, Jennifer Head of Special Collections, Archivist 262-472-5515 motszkoj@uww.edu
Neumeister, Brenda Access Services: Day Supervisor 262-472-1381 neumeisb@uww.edu
Orvis, Julie Rock County 608-758-6565, ext. 420 julie.orvis@uwc.edu
TBD Access Services: Night Manager 262-472-5524  
Schemm, Naomi Ref. & Instruction Librarian 262-472-5519 schemmn@uww.edu
Shull, Diana Ref. & Instructional Technology Librarian 262-472-5011 shulld@uww.edu
Stephenson, Martha Ref. & Instruction Librarian 262-472-4366 stephenm@uww.edu
Waelchli, Paul Library Director 262-472-5516 waelchlp@uww.edu
Webb, Beth Rock County 608-758-6565, ext. 430 beth.webb@uwc.edu
Willadsen, Macaela Tech. Services: Copy Cataloging, Student Supervisor 262-472-7165 willadsm@uww.edu

Collection Development Staff

NameSubject Area
Bren, Barbara Communication; Government Information; Law; Political Science
Castrillo, James Anthropology; Criminology; History; Philosophy & Religion; Sociology; Women's & Gender Studies
Elsen, Carol Fine Arts; Chemistry; Geography, Geology & Environmental Science
Fragola, Patricia Biology; Performing Arts (Music, Theatre and Dance)
Czaikowski, Emily Periodicals
Latorraca, Ellen Education
Schemm, Naomi Business & Economics
Shull, Diana Health Sciences; Psychology; Social Work
Stephenson, Martha Information & Computer Science; Languages & Literatures; Mathematics; Physics

Librarian Liaisons to Departments

NameDepartmentsPhoneE-mail Address
Bren, Barbara Communication; Music; Political Science 262-472-5521 brenb@uww.edu
Castrillo, James History; Philosophy & Religious Studies; Sociology, Criminology, & Anthropology; Theatre & Dance; Women's & Gender Studies 262-472-5522 castrilj@uww.edu
Elsen, Carol Art & Design; Chemistry; Geography, Geology, & Environmental Science 262-472-5751 elsenc@uww.edu
Latorraca, Ellen College of Education & Professional Studies 262-472-5525 latorrae@uww.edu
Schemm, Naomi College of Business & Economics 262-472-5519 schemmn@uww.edu
Shull, Diana Psychology; Social Work 262-472-5011 shulld@uww.edu
Stephenson, Martha Biological Sciences; Languages & Literatures; Mathematics; Computer Science; Physics 262-472-4366 stephenm@uww.edu


Andersen Library
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
800 West Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190-1790

Contact the Library

Circulation Desk: 262-472-5511
Reference Desk: 262-472-1032