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E-Thesis Information

In collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies, Andersen Library is providing online access to newly received UW-Whitewater theses. All theses submitted since the fall semester of 2003 will be available electronically from Research@UWW.

Looking for information on binding a print copy of your thesis? See our FAQs.


Students are to submit one copy of the original UW-Whitewater thesis in electronic Portable Document Format (PDF). Submitting a thesis in PDF format will allow it to appear the way the author intended. All submissions are to be sent to the School of Graduate Studies. Andersen Library requires three documents to be submitted:

  1. Thesis in Portable Document Format (PDF) with unsigned advisor signature page
  2. Signed advisor signature page in Portable Document Format (PDF)
  3. UW-W Library Electronic Thesis Access Agreement Form -- available as a Microsoft Word Document or PDF (scanners are available in the Library and other computer labs on campus to scan the signature page)

Converting Microsoft Word Files to PDF

In order to convert files to PDF, you must have either Microsoft Word 2007 (or higher) or Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Pro is available on computers in most campus computer labs.

  1. In Microsoft Word, open file
  2. Click File > Save As
  3. From the Save as type: menu, select PDF (*.pdf)
  4. Save file
  5. Close file


  1. In Adobe Acrobat Pro, click File > Create PDF > From File
  2. Select file and click Open
  3. Acrobat will open Word while converting the file
  4. When the conversion is finished, the file will have a .PDF extension
  5. Save the new file

Converting Other Word Processing Files to PDF

  1. If any other word processing program is used, the document should be saved in Rich Text Format (RTF) before conversion. Please be aware that when converting to RTF, most formatting and outlines are lost.
  2. To convert to RTF, open the file, click on File > Save As > and select Rich Text Format as the file type.
  3. After the document has been converted to RTF, you can open the file in Microsoft Word and convert the document to PDF.

Creating a Table of Contents or "Bookmarks"

In order to create a linkable table of contents, called Bookmarks in Adobe, you must have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Pro is available on computers in most campus computer labs.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro (not Adobe Reader).
  2. Click on the Bookmarks tab at the left edge of the display.
  3. Display the page where the first item in the table of contents should begin.
  4. Click on the New Bookmark icon in the Bookmarks tab (or, go to Document > Add Bookmark from the main menu).
  5. Type the label for the bookmark and press Enter.
  6. Repeat steps 4-6 until all bookmarks are created.
  7. If desired, embed bookmarks as secondary to others by dragging them just below another item in the list of bookmarks (the bookmark will now show as indented in the hierarchy).
  8. If it is necessary to move bookmarks to different positions, just drag them to the correct position.
  9. To rename a bookmark, right mouse click on it and choose Rename.
  10. Save the file! (Save as same file. No need to rename it.)

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