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IV. Selection Responsibility

A. Department Library Representatives

  1. Ensure that faculty in the department request materials to support the academic program in the subject fields of the department.
  2. Monitor professional literature for appropriate library acquisitions.
  3. Monitor department expenditures to ensure allocation is spent.
  4. Keep the collection manager informed of new programs and special library needs of the department.
  5. Assist in collection evaluation and weeding activities in the subject area(s) of the department.

B. Collection Manager

  1. Work with the Director, the Collection Development Advisory Committee, department library representatives, library staff, faculty and students to develop and coordinate the implementation of the Collection Development Policy.
  2. Ensure that faculty submit requests in their respective areas of expertise in a timely fashion, and that the requests adhere to selection criteria.
  3. Assist faculty in identifying reviewing sources in subject disciplines; route appropriate bibliographies, catalogs, etc. to department library representatives.
  4. Oversee the development of the collection as a whole to ensure adequacy, up-to-dateness, balance, and quality.

C. Library Faculty/Academic Staff

  1. Select materials in assigned subject areas to strengthen these disciplines as well as in the related and interdisciplinary areas. (Teaching faculty mostly select materials for research and instruction).
  2. Assist the collection manager in working with department library representatives.
  3. Select materials for their respective service areas.

D. Patrons

Students and other users are welcome to submit requests. Those requests that meet the selection criteria will be purchased provided funds are available.

See Appendix A for selected examples of professional publications identified as selection tools. A copy of the "Library Services Order Request Form" for print and non-print materials is attached as Appendix B.


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