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Appendix K

Role of the Department Library Representative


To develop strong collections that truly support the curriculum, faculty input is crucial. To help the Library achieve this goal, Library Representatives have the following selection responsibilities:

  1. Ensure that faculty in the department request materials to support the academic program in the subject fields of the department.
  2. Monitor professional literature for appropriate library acquisitions.
  3. Monitor department expenditures to ensure allocation is spent.
  4. Keep the collection manager informed of new programs and special library needs of the department.
  5. Assist in collection evaluation and weeding activities in the subject area(s) of the department.


Placing Orders


Departments vary in how they handle orders from faculty, so check with your Department Chair to see if there is a precedent for your department.

Before ordering a title, please check the Library Catalog to see if we already own it.

Faculty may order Library material in 2 ways:

  1. Print order forms:
    1. send via campus mail to Charlene Klemp, L1125
    2. if you need more order forms, call or e-mail Charlene Klemp: x1015 or klempc@uww.edu
  2. Online acquisitions form

Audiovisual Materials

For audiovisual material, please fill out the order form as usual, but also include the brochure, catalog or Web site where you found the item listed. Make a note on the printout/catalog if you would like it returned to you. Tracking down the vendor for a particular video, CD, or DVD can be difficult, so the extra information will be speed up your order.

Journal or Database Suggestions

Because they represent an ongoing financial commitment, journal or database subscription suggestions are handled independently from departmental allocations. If you submit a request, Librarians will review the title and make a decision on whether to subscribe.

Duplicating Material Held in Other UW Libraries

Because of free Universal Borrowing among UW System Libraries, if 3 or more UW Libraries already own a title, the order will be returned to the requester with instructions on how to proceed.

Departmental Allocations

Each academic department is allocated funds to purchase books and audio-visual material for Andersen Library. Your department's allocation is to be used primarily for material to support your department's teaching and your students' research.

Calculating Allocations

Allocations are calculated each fall, based on the following formula:

  1. Each department/program receives a minimum allocation of $500.
  2. An additional allocation is calculated on the basis of the following three elements:
    1. The number of department faculty, combining both head count and FTE.
    2. The weighted number of courses offered by a department. The weighing scale is:
      1. 100-200 level courses are weighted by a factor of one
      2. 300-400- level courses are weighted by a factor of 1.5
      3. 500-700 level courses are weighted by a factor of 2
    3. The weighted number of student credit hours of a department. The weighing scale is the same as above.

Additional factors taken into consideration are:

  1. Circulation statistics of a subject area.
  2. The number of books actually published in a given field.
  3. Cost of U.S. imprints in the field as cited in the Bowker Annual of Library and Book Trade Information.


Allocation Timeline

Timeline for spending allocation:

  • Oct. 30 - spend 50%
  • Dec. 30 - spend 75%
  • Feb. 28 - spend 100%

Unspent Funds

On March 1, unspent department funds go into a general fund to fill outstanding requests from other departments in your College. For the purposes of setting next year's allocation, your department will not receive "credit" for material purchased from these general funds. Therefore, if a department's allocation is under-spent one year, it may be reduced the following year.

Library's Responsibilities to Department Library Representatives

Monthly Emails

Each month during the academic year, the Library's Collection Manager will e-mail Library Representatives and Department Chairs. The e-mails include a statement detailing the Department's allocation expenditures, commitments, and balances, as well as other Library news. Please share these e-mails with colleagues to keep them in the loop.

Librarian Liaisons

The reference librarians at Andersen Library are assigned as liaisons to academic departments and share responsibility for purchasing library materials in your discipline. Reference librarians can also provide library instruction sessions for classes in your department. Reference librarians are available to give presentations at your Department or College meetings to demonstrate new products or to answer questions about the Library.

Getting New Faculty Up To Speed

Librarians offer to meet with every new faculty member and instructor. If they are not able to meet face to face, the librarian will mail them a packet of information which includes instructions for ordering Library material.

Department Library Representatives' Responsibilities

Communicating With Your Colleagues

The Library counts on its Department representatives to get the word out to colleagues to get involved in building the Library's resources. When Librarians send e-mails to Department Library Representatives, please forward them along to your colleagues.

Although Reference librarians offer to meet with all new faculty and instructors, Library reps may still want to touch base with their new colleagues to make sure they know how to select material for the Library's collections.

Keeping Track of What Your Department Has Ordered

If you'd like a list of material your department has ordered this year, please contact the Collection Manager, Carol Elsen.

When Charlene Klemp receives a request for a title we already own or that is owned by 4 or more UW Libraries, she contacts the requester. However, she will not keep track of these "non-orders" after contacting the requester.

Making Library Staff Aware of New Courses & Programs

The Library keeps tabs on new courses and programs as they make their way through the University Curriculum Committee. However, if a new course or program will require building up areas of the Library's collections, please speak with your Librarian Liaison, the Library Collection Manager, or the Library Director (see Key Contacts, below) about your needs before the course or program begins. We will work with your department to ensure the Library has adequate resources to support the new curriculum.

Key Contacts at the Andersen Library

Name For Help With Contact Information
See the Librarian Liaisons list to find out the liaison for your department. Library instruction, library orientation, assistance with material selection Librarian Liaisons list
Charlene Klemp
Acquisitions Assistant
Ordering material, new order forms klempc@uww.edu
Carol Elsen
Collection Manager
Accreditations, new course & programs elsenc@uww.edu
Sharon Knight
Serials Librarian
Journal or database suggestions knights@uww.edu
L 1125D


Andersen Library
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
800 West Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190-1790

Contact the Library

Circulation Desk: 262-472-5511
Reference Desk: 262-472-1032