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Special Collections

Special Collections houses those materials, which for reasons of rarity, format, or association with the University or local community, have been separated from the Main, Reference, or Government Documents Collections.

Wisconsin History

This includes some businesses, towns, events and folklore relating to the history of the state such as Wisconsin Breweries, History of Whitewater, Haunted Wisconsin, and local city histories. For other titles search the Library Catalog.


  • Kenneth Hammer's Collection on Custer and the Battle of Little Big Horn (UWW MSS 03)
  • Leon Pescheret Collection of Prints (UWW MSS 01)
  • British Periodicals
  • Children's Historical Textbooks
  • Mail-order Catalog Collection
  • Emma Wolske Diaries (UWW MSS 09)
  • MacArthur Sword and papers (UWW MSS 02)
  • Whitewater Gourmet Club (UWW MSS 05)
  • Whitewater Kiwanis Club (UWW MSS 04)
  • Walter Dunn Research files (UWW MSS 07)
  • Professors and schoolmates of Ida Teed, Class of 1879 (UWW MSS 10)
  • U'ren Family Papers (UWW MSS 08)
  • Photo album of William C. Bartelt, German Course 1904 (UWW MSS 11)
  • The Girl Graduate : Her Own Book, Scrapbook of Lilah (Keysar) Eagan, English Course 1909 (UWW MSS 12)
  • Scrapbook - Matilda Hansen, Grammar Course 1916 (UWW MSS 13)
  • Whitewater Federated Womens' Clubs (UWW MSS 19)
    • Nettie C. Sayles Diary 1930-1931 (Part of UWW MSS 19 Box 7 - Whitewater Federated Womens' Clubs)
  • Randall Radtke's Political Papers (UWW MSS 20)
  • Delavan Monday Club Papers (UWW MSS 21)
  • Hetty Johns' family album, 1937 & 1938 Minnieskas, composition book, "handwriting/penmanship award", rural school teacher (UWW MSS 23)
  • Angela Peckenpaugh Papers (UWW MSS 06)
  • My Normal Days at Whitewater, Scrapbook of Delphine Kleiner, Commercial Course 1923 (UWW MSS 14)
  • College scrapbook of Y. M. Lambert, Commercial Class of 1926 (UWW MSS 15)
  • The Epsilonian, 1922-1932 (UWW MSS 16)
  • Four scrapbooks compiled by Ernabelle (Andree) Madushaw, Class of 1960 (UWW MSS 17)
    • Leaves (includes leaves from campus trees) (UWW MSS 17A)  
    • Wisconsin State College Trip to Hawaii July -August 1959, Dr. Charles Morphew, director (UWW MSS 17B)
    • Theta Sigma Upsilon National Convention, Roanoke, Virginia 1955 (UWW MSS 17C)
    • Whitewater College Days, 1952-58 (UWW MSS 17D)
  • Faculty Dames Records, 1934-1989 (UWW MSS 18)
  • George Adams Papers and framed Whitewater 4 poster (UWW MSS 22)


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University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
800 West Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190-1790

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