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Library Instruction

Photo of Bibliographic (Library) Instruction Laboratory

Formal library instruction is a support program for UW-W faculty, staff and students (information literacy goals are formally supported by the Faculty (see Faculty Senate resolution 0506-21). Instructional sessions also are provided for groups of college-bound students from area high schools. Any faculty member whose course assignments require the use of library resources, or whose students may be new to the campus or to the research process, is encouraged to consider scheduling a library instruction session. Reference librarians provide instruction to any class at any time of the year. Advance notice of the students' topic(s) or specific research assignment(s) helps librarian instructors tailor presentations to the specific needs of particular courses and increases students' perception of the instruction's relevance.

The main goal of the program is to provide instruction in developing and applying library research strategies, including the use of basic and/or specialized research tools in print and non-print formats. Training session topics include the local online catalog, print and online resources, resource sharing, indexes and full-text databases, critical evaluation of potential sources, and ethical use of information. Tours of the Library facility may be included upon request. Typically classes are taught in the Library Instruction Laboratory (L2211) or Library Classroom (L1105), but librarians also may visit campus or off-campus classrooms.


  • Advance notice is required (at least one week in advance is preferred); schedule classes with one of the reference librarians (call 262-472-1032).
  • Classes will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Preferences for particular librarian instructors will be honored if scheduling permits.
  • Instructors are strongly encouraged to accompany classes, and to provide librarians with a copy of class assignment(s) or research topics ahead of time.

Library Instruction Laboratory (L2211)

  • The room is intended for library-related instruction; exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Library.
  • Maintenance of the Library's networked software environment is crucial; configurations will not be changed to accommodate specialized software for temporary instruction, except at the discretion of the Library.
  • The lab can accommodate up to 40 students for presentations or hands-on instruction with online resources. The room contains 31 student workstations. Larger classes may need to be split in half during the instruction time.

Library Classroom (L1105)

  • The classroom is intended for library-related instruction; exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Library.
  • Those using the classroom should remember that it is on one of the Library's quiet floors.
  • The classroom can accommodate up to 62 students for presentations or group work. There are nine computers around the perimeter of the room.

Policy Statement on Use of Andersen Library's Library Instruction Laboratory

For additional information, please contact Barbara Bren, Reference Librarian, at 262-472-5521 or e-mail brenb@uww.edu


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