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Troubleshooting Guide



A cookie error message generally indicates that you have set your browser preferences to not accept cookies. Follow the instructions below to accept all cookies. This should fix the problem. If it does not, please e-mail Patty Fragola, the Library Automation Manager, or call her at (262) 472-5673. Be sure to mention the exact text of the error message(s) you are receiving, and the point at which you are receiving it.

To remove cookies, you will now need to clear cookie cache manually.

Off-Campus or Wireless Access to Library Resources

Occasionally, people have difficulty successfully logging in to the proxy server to gain off-campus (or wireless) access to library resources. This is usually due to firewall or browser issues. Try these solutions:

  1. Clear browser cache and cookies.
  2. Try another browser or switch to incognito/private browsing mode
  3. Start your search from https://libproxy.uww.edu:9443/login?url=http://library.uww.edu/
  4. Try using Citrix to access a virtual desktop:
    • Go to http://gateway.uww.edu and log in with your campus Net-ID. 
    • Select Use Light Version.
    • Select Desktops from the top menu.
    • When virtual desktop loads, open a browser and navigate to the Library's web site.
    • More complete instructions and instructions for downloading the full version of the software is available on the blog.
  5. Try using the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN):
    • Go to http://vpn.uww.edu and log in with your campus Net-ID, then go to the Library web site and retry the database link.
    • If you are using the CISCO AnyConnect VPN client you will be asked to authenticate again before accessing our online resources. You do not have to log out of the client, simply enter your Net-ID and password.
    NOTE: If you are using the web-based VPN, make sure to remain in the VPN frame in your browser or use the address bar within the VPN frame to open a new tab.
  6. Contact your system administrator to determine if they may be blocking VPN or proxy access.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, fill out the Off-Campus Troubleshooting form so we are able to diagnose the problem.
Or for immediate assistance please contact a reference librarian at (262) 472-1032, by email or chat, or in person at the Library's Reference Desk.


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