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Use of Andersen Library's Library Instruction Laboratory

Andersen Library's Library Instruction Laboratory (L2211) is primarily used to provide library patrons with instruction in the use of information resources available through Andersen Library, such as the online catalog and other electronic research tools. During times when the facility is not scheduled for instructional purposes, the facility is open for general computer use. These open lab times are restricted to UW-Whitewater students, faculty, and staff only. Non-University patrons are welcome to use any of the other computer workstations available in the public areas of the Library.

See also the campus Facilities and Grounds Use Policy.

Instructional Use

First priority is given to library instruction provided by Library staff to UW-Whitewater faculty, staff, and students, and other patron groups.

Second priority is given to other instructional uses of the facility, such as instruction by non-Library faculty to students (on the use of resources that will be made available in the Library) or demonstration/training sessions for Library staff, which must be scheduled with the Coordinator for Library Instruction. Such sessions must not conflict with scheduled library instruction sessions. Because library instruction sessions may be scheduled during any of the Library's normal operating hours and the number and times of sessions will vary from week to week, this facility may not be scheduled for regular meetings of university classes.

Instructional sessions conducted by or for University-affiliated organizations, but not related to the primary teaching mission of UW-Whitewater, must be approved by the Library Director. Such sessions must not conflict with scheduled library instruction sessions.

All instructional use of the facility shall be recorded on a log sheet, maintained by the Coordinator for Library Instruction.

During times when this facility is scheduled for instructional use, only valid attendees of the scheduled session(s), such as students enrolled in the class, and the instructor may be in the room.

General Computer Use

When instructional sessions are not scheduled, this facility is open for general computer use. Hours when the facility is reserved for instructional purposes will be posted each week. The Library reserves the right to revise this weekly listing more frequently if the need should arise. General use of the computers is on a first come first served basis and subject to the terms of the Library Computer Use Policy.

There is no printer in the Library Instruction Lab. Print jobs from computers in the Lab can be released and printed using the print release station in the alcove area in front of the Reference Desk.

During the lab's reserved times, all students currently in the lab who are not part of a scheduled class will be asked to leave. Students in the middle of an online quiz or exam when a scheduled reservation time begins will need to start over on a public computer. It is the responsibility of the student to ascertain that enough open time is available in the lab before beginning an online quiz or exam. The Library is not responsible for quizzes or exams that cannot be saved.

Because the lab serves as an open computer lab during non-instruction times, it is not possible for students to use the lab's LCD projector or other instruction equipment to practice group presentations. This equipment is for Library staff or other Library-approved instruction use only. Students can reserve a first-floor collaboratory, or check out LCD projectors and other presentation equipment from the Library's Circulation Desk for use in the Library's group study rooms.


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