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Public Service for Federal Depository Electronic Publications Policy

Andersen Library provides free public access to its depository collections of federal (U.S.) and Wisconsin documents. Identification is not requested before patrons may request or use either depository materials or reference assistance with these materials. Printing and downloading of information from depository materials is supported. There are no fees for the use of depository resources in Andersen Library beyond the usual and customary fees that also apply to other library materials, such as a per-page printing charge for patrons who are not UW-Whitewater students, faculty or staff.

  • Bibliographic access

    Andersen Library provides searchable bibliographic information to facilitate the identification and location of federal depository publications in all formats, including those that are available at other depository libraries. All federal depository materials available in the Library in tangible electronic formats (DVDs and CD-ROMs) are listed in the Library's online catalog. Selected Internet publications also are listed in the Library's online catalog and/or on some of the Library's online guides, e.g., Government Resources, Government Resources (Internet Publications), or Law/Legal Resources. These guides include links to online finding aids such as the Government Printing Office's Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP), which supercedes the print listing Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications and includes searchable listings of federal government agency electronic publications since 1976 with earlier materials being added in the future.

  • Physical access

    Federal depository materials in tangible electronic formats are not interfiled on the open stacks with paper-format materials. Most federal depository CD-ROMs are stored in locked cabinets to prevent loss, but all reference librarians may retrieve requested materials during the hours that the Reference Desk is open. Some CD-ROM titles may be installed upon request for walk-up use at designated workstations as space allows and demand requires. Otherwise materials may be allowed to circulate. Government resources disseminated via the Internet are accessible to all users of Andersen Library without filtering at all networked public workstations equipped with an Internet browser.

  • Reference assistance

    Reference librarians are expected to have "rudimentary knowledge" of all federal depository electronic products available in Andersen Library. "Rudimentary knowledge" is defined as knowing where to locate the materials, knowing how to follow installation instructions (where provided), and knowing how to exit from the software. In general, library staff are not expected to have familiarity with manipulating software features once a program is installed. There may be selected titles for which reference librarians are expected to provide competency with using the software, such as FDsys, the Federal Digital System of the Government Printing Office.


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