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III. Budget Allocations

A portion of the library materials budget is allocated to programs and departments based on the following formula:

  1. Each department/program receives a minimum allocation of $500.
  2. An additional allocation is calculated on the basis of the following three elements:
    1. The number of department faculty, combining both head count and FTE.
    2. The weighted number of courses offered by a department. The weighing scale is:
      1. 100-200 level courses are weighted by a factor of 1.
      2. 300-400- level courses are weighted by a factor of 1.5
      3. 500-700 level courses are weighted by a factor of 2.
    3. The weighted number of student credit hours of a department. The weighing scale is the same as above.

Additional factors taken into consideration are:

  1. Circulation statistics of a subject area.
  2. The number of books actually published in a given field.
  3. Cost of U.S. imprints in the field as cited in the Bowker Annual of Library and Book Trade Information.

The Allocation may be used to purchase both print and non-print materials. Separate allocations are assigned to the following areas:

  1. Reference Materials
  2. Reference Continuations
  3. Government Documents
  4. Periodicals
  5. Microforms
  6. General Fund - For purchasing interdisciplinary materials, recreational reading, developing collections in new areas, balancing the collection with materials in subject areas not covered by classroom instruction and research programs, supporting unexpected inflationary increases in periodical subscriptions, emergencies, etc.
  7. Electronic Resources

Budget allocations will be made as early as possible during the fiscal year. Departments are expected to spend one half of the departmental allocation by October 30, seventy-five percent by December 30, and one hundred percent by the end of February. Unspent funds by academic departments will be reverted to a general fund to be used to fill outstanding requests from the same college.


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